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Notebook 1980

Date: 1980

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(Draft of note to David and Dotty Attie)
Thanks for the Dinner Party of Jan. 25. I enjoyed meeting all the Atties, and Corrine Robbins and Sal Romano. The CAA  convention ((College Art Association, New Orleans, Jan 30 - Feb 2, 1980) was loud and busy. The symposium I was in was a great success. New Orleans is very beautiful. 

Occidental Rug
: a western still life and an Oriental rug. Each shows its own meaning at the same time.
The still life is a bit transparent. Or is the rug seeping through.
In the painting technique the still life is Chardin’s The Silver Goblet (c. 1759, Louvre). The oriental rug is an illusion. For a moment  the eye wonders if the salmon colored silk antique velvet is real.

Do you realize Eric Michael (Ottensmeyer) will be 20 years old in the year two-thousand.
He is going to be 21 in 2001.

When Walter was 50 he told Madlyn that they were over the hill. Madlyn got furious. (Walter and Madlyn Vance

(Draft of note to unknown recipient)
This is an article I’m going to give John Howell for his Performing Arts Mag. Please read it and send a photograph to fit the text.
When is your next New York appearance.
No artist has a definite pattern of working on a painting. Naturally an artist has her or his own approach, but there is a time during the rendering when the painting itself takes over.
The doctor said after you’re forty see to it that there are no naps after eating, go for a walk, do anything but don’t sleep. Your food will turn to fat.
That’s why there is no wine for lunch. Iced tea, hot tea
Use a grid when copying an image. Don’t trust your eye. There are enough creatures out of proportion nowadays.
Young art students used to be called young Rembrandts. Now they are called young Picassos.
Draft of letter to his sister Selma Deem Schulze
Received your letter full of information about your family and what they are all up to. I am glad you and Bill are able to understand where you are with your family and I like your keeping a level attitude about what they do so you no longer get ill when they are up to something that’s not understandable.

Don’t overload your brush unless you want drips sliding down your canvas. They are hard to remove and hard to clean.
Yes meaning No
Left is Right
Gee and Haw
What you find and what you make.
What you find is what you make.
ain’t nobody messen with you, but you
The strong light of Philadelphia can arrange itself so that it becomes impossible to see those things in front, but only the space in the farthest away.
The Eakins painting floats forward so that the interior room is the only possible thing to see.
1. Q. What color is used with yellow ochre on the map. Is the upper part green-ish or blue?
A. Ochre / red & ochre border / light ochre in the centre part of map / blue map holder (weight) / no green
2. Q. Is the window made of basic blue, a basic pure blue or tinted with raw umber
A. Glazed over ochre with blue at top until half
3.Q. Is the skirt the blue I have worked out or is it chemically deteriorated
A. Lightened ultramarine skirt
4. Q. What color mixture is the bodice. Is it umber, blue and ochre
A. raw umber and blue
5. Q. The yellow used in the bodice. Is it cadmium medium with white or is ochre used with it.
A. No ochre underpaint
Q. Is it glazed with raw umber or mixed with it.
A. Box trim umber and ochre
6. Q. Is the main filler on flowers in the rug blue
A. yes
Chair back has a bit of white in mixture / lot of white mixed in colors / rug --  cadmium and ochre / thin ochre and umber shadow under window / gray under yellow on bodice, very mellow yellow / raw umber white and yellow / a slight red line around the lip of the basin towards the woman
1. What colors are used on map
2. What tone is the fold in the rug that’s behind the main fold
Saul became Paul on the road to Damascus. Jamil lives in Damascus and came over the other day.