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Born August 18 in Vincennes, Indiana. First-born of identical twins, George Charles and John Robert, sons of George Charles and Laura Bobe Deem. "I was born August 18, 1932 between 11 and 12 noon and I was born first." (George Deem, letter to Jean Rigg, January 28, 1972).

January 19. His mother Laura Bobe Deem dies.

April. His identical twin brother John dies.

Matriculates at St. Meinrad Benedictine Archabbey, St. Meinrad, Indiana. Oblate George studies calligraphy, Christian symbolism, drawing, and painting.

June. Graduates from Decker High School, Decker, Indiana.

Matriculates at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana. Earns academic course credits prior to entering School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Forms friendship with French teacher Ethel Preston which lasts the rest of her life.

September. Enrolls at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

August 26, 1953 to June 16, 1955, serves on active duty in the U.S. Army (ER 55 419 526). Stationed at U.S. Military Headquarters Heidelberg, Germany, where he is assigned to Military Police as a clerk typist. Rents room off base as a studio. On his leaves, he travels to London, Paris, Florence, Venice, Naples. Receives final discharge from standby reserve August 1, 1961 with rank of Corporal.

September. Returns to School of the Art Institute of Chicago on the G.I. Bill. Studio courses with Laura Van Pappelendam ("Miss Van") and Paul Weighardt.

Takes courses in Figure Painting and Composition, and Landscape Painting at the Ox-Bow Summer School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Returns to the Ox-Bow Summer School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Saugatuck, Michigan.

October. "The Vincennes Fortnightly Club was entertained by the Art department on Wednesday afternoon. ... George Deem, Jr., artist, and at present a senior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, gave a lecture entitled "An Initiation Into 20th Century Art." He explained how the modern concept of painting had its ground in the first half of the 19th century, saying that in the 1870s the Art Academy of France was classical and headed by Ingres and David. The impressionists who broke away from the Academy were Corot, Manet, Monet and Pissarro. Seurat demolished the impressionists with his famous picture, owned by the Art Institute, depicting an island near Paris, with figures on the bank, and then came the great modernists, Cezanne, Degas, Van Gogh and Gauguin. Mr. Deem illustrated his talk with colored slides showing paintings done by the artists he discussed and closing with Braque and Picasso. His exhibit of his own paintings includes 14 pictures, whose titles are "Forest Society," "The Swamp," "Girl in Red," Femme et Chat" (Woman and Cat), "The Old Elevator," "Court House, Vincennes," "Cathedral Birds," "Trellis Woman," "The Angel," "Judy," "The Mower," "Marine Landscape," "The Old Bridge, Heidelberg," and "The Hay Rake." These will remain on exhibit at the club house for a month." (Mrs. Ruth Ashby, Society Editor, "Fortnightly's Art Section Presents Youthful Painter," Vincennes Sun-Commercial, October 18, 1957).

November. "A Vincennes artist, George Deem, Jr., son of George Deem of 426 Church Street, has a fine painting, "Pink Chair," hanging in a current exhibition of the works of members of the Alumni Association of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibition will continue through Nov. 20 at the Johnson Galleries, 424 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Mr. Deem is a senior in the School of the Art Institute, and his painting has attracted much favorable comment, according to Mary Bornarth, president of the Alumni Association." (Unsigned article, Vincennes Sun-Commercial, Vincennes, Indiana).

June 13. Graduates with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA), from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Drawing, Painting, and Illustration.

September. Moves to New York. Responds to Metropolitan Museum want ad for extra help for the Christmas season. Initially hired to work collating Christmas cards, he is kept on after Christmas delivering mail throughout the Museum, and then transfers to the Display Department.

September 30. His father dies.
Rents fourth floor at 65 Fulton Street for use as studio and living space. Shares the loft with the actor George Monk. "It is situated... on Fulton Street, near the fish market and just off Wall Street. His loft is the top floor of an old manufacturing building with the first floor a bar; the second story is occupied by a cabinet maker; the third floor is used as a studio by an Israeli sculptor and George is on the top floor." (Unsigned article, "Native of Decker Big City Success," Evansville Courier, Evansville, Indiana, March 18, 1962).
Runs into Benny Andrews, classmate at the Art Institute, on Sullivan Street. Reestablishes friendship.
Fall. Begins studies with Mary Anthony School of Modern Dance, New York

Leaves the Metropolitan Museum to paint full time.

January 7 - February 7. "30 Annual American Graphic Arts and Drawing Exhibition," Wichita Art Association, Wichita, Kansas.

January-March. Tours with six-member Children's Dance Theater of Washington, D.C. (two men. four women). The company travels in a station wagon loaded with equipment and costumes.

July 22 - 28. "Three Painters" Exhibition, Paul Kessler Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts.

January 8 - 26. "Paintings by Young Americans" Group Exhibition, James Room, Barnard Hall, Barnard College, New York. 1961. Brian O'Doherty, "Art: Exhibition of Rugs.... Young American's Works at Barnard," New York Times, January 23, 1962.
Exhibiting artists: Nell Blaine, George Deem, Jane Freilicher, Alex Katz, Alfred Leslie, Kenneth Noland, Fairfield Porter, Larry Rivers, Wayne Thiebaud, et al.

February 21. Dances role of Jeremiah in first performance of "The Lamentations of Jeremiah," a theatre cantata for electric tape and dancers by composer Malcolm Goldstein, with choreography by Claire Hirschhorn. Kaufmann Concert Hall, YM/YWHA, New York.

March. "Lamentations of Jeremiah," Eighth World Dance Festival, Columbia University, New York.

March 11. "The Art of Movement," lecture, series sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts of St. Meinrad Seminary. St. Bede Hall, St. Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, Indiana. Introduced by the Very Reverend Hilary Ottensmeyer, O.S.B., rector of the College. Lecture demonstrating the ways in which a speaking voice may be enhanced by various body movements. "Mr. Deem ... has been performing in New York City, recently at Kaufmann Concert Hall and Columbia University. He will be seen on CBS Television Network Sunday morning March 18, at 9 a.m. in 'Lamp Unto My Feet.' Vincennes Sun Commercial (date uncertain).

March 18. Dances in "The Story of Esther," choreographer Mary Anthony, on the television program "Lamp Unto My Feet," CBS Columbia Broadcasting System.

Meets Ronald Vance. Meets George Freedman.

December. Shows in the group exhibition Nuts & Bolts at Allan Stone Galleries, New York, December 11 - 29, 1962.

October 22 - November 9. First solo exhibition, Allan Stone Gallery, New York

"Masquerade" Members of the Anne Wilson Dance Company in a new work to be given at Kaufmann Hall today. (Caption, photo of 5 unidentified dancers, George Deem the dancer on the far left, The New York Times, Sunday, October 20, 1963. Photo on the same page with "Gallery Shows, Museum Exhibits" listing. In the second column to the right of the photo of the Anne Wilson dancers in "Masquerade" is the listing: George Deem - Allan Stone Gallery, 48 East 86th Street. Paintings. To Nov. 9).

April 26 - May 24. Shows in the group exhibition Realist Painting Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow at the Silvermine Guild of Artists, New Canaan, Connecticut .

The Art Collector's Almanac, by Marshall Matusow. Bio page 168, reproduction of his painting, Blackboard, 1962, page 169.

July 19 - 24. Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana. Conducts classes in painting techniques using pencil, ink, and watercolors, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (36 students enrolled). Lecture by George Deem on the life, world and works of George Deem, 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, July 21. The lecture is open to the public without charge. The sessions conclude with a one-day exhibition of works by George Deem, Saturday, July 24.

November 4 - December 5. Shows in the group exhibition Personal Choice: Paintings and Sculpture from Houston Private Collections at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas.

December 3 - January 3, 1966 (approximate year). Shows in the group exhibition Dealer's Choice: An Exhibition of Paintings Drawings Prints at the Contemporary Arts Association, Houston, Texas.

May 1. Goes to Louisville, Kentucky, for the opening of a solo exhibition at Merida Gallery, May 1-28. Fred Merida and George Deem appear with Ken Meeker on "Lure of the Library" program at 1 p.m. on Channel 11, Louisville. Review of Merida Gallery exhibition by Sarah Lansdell, "Old-Master Reruns At Merida," The Courier-Journal, Louisville, May 1, 1966.

September. Accepts invitation from Derek Carruthers, Chairman Pre-Diploma Department, to teach painting at Leicester College of Art (now De Montfort University),in  Leicester, United Kingdom. Rents studio-living space from Cyril Frankel in mews at 3-A Sydney Close, off the Fulham Road in South Kensington, London. Commutes by train two days a week from London to Leicester. Meets Noel Witts on faculty at the College in Leicester. Through introduction from Allan Stone he meets Sheridan and Lindy Dufferin. Meets Mario Amaya, editor of Art and Artists, London. Offers a weekly modern dance class for beginners in his studio at 3-A Sydney Close. Lindy Dufferin takes the class. He paints her portrait.

December 3. Learns transcendental meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Spring holiday, travels with Ronald Vance in France (Paris, Avignon, Montpellier, Toulouse) and Spain  Madrid, Toledo, Avila). Through Ronald Vance he meets Eric and Gail Rutherford and stays with them in their farmhouse in Ibiza.

July to September. Exchanges his studio at 3-A Sydney Close in London with the Rutherfords for their farmhouse in Ibiza. Travels to the Dolomites for a three-day meditation training course  with Maharishi.

November. Returns to New York.

Filling in for Rackstraw Downes, he teaches a course in painting in the spring semester at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Commutes by train two days a week from New York.

Ronald Vance, "Painting Lists," Art and Artists, London, February 1968.

September 14. In Louisville, Kentucky for the  opening of a solo exhibition at Merida Gallery, September 14- October 5. The exhibition is in conjunction with the program "Downtown Salutes the Arts." Review: Sarah Lansdell, "Deem's Revised Old Masters at Merida," The Courier-Journal & Times, Louisville, September 15, 1968.

In Louisville, he meets Richard Warrum, Curator at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. In New York, Jean Rigg, the administrator of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company,  introduces him to the Cunningham dancer Meg Harper.

November. Moves to Cortona with Ronald Vance. Rents farmhouse, named "La Lodalina" (The Little Lark), from Lyndall and Lorenzo (Renzo) Passerini on the grounds of their estate, the Villa Passerini (Il Palazzone).  Buys Lyndall's 1962 white convertible Volkswagen Beetle for $500.

Meets Rennie Airth, a tenant in another Passerini farmhouse on the Palazzone estate.

Cortona visitors: Jane Yockel, Richard Estes, Father Hilary Ottensmeyer. Portrait of an American Priest, 1971. Leicester friends Noel and Krys Witts rent a house in Cortona for the summer. Benny and Mary Ellen Andrews and their children Christopher, Thomas, and Julia, rent an apartment in Cortona for the summer.
Meets Germaine Greer who buys a farmhouse from Lyndall and Renzo Passerini.

Makes a deal with Germaine Greer that she will come to him twice a week for dinner in exchange for her giving him Italian lessons.
Summer visitors: Jane Yockel, Richard Warrum, Benny Andrews, Mary Ellen Andrews, Gail Rutherford. Portrait of Mary Ellen Andrews in a Renaissance Landscape, 1972. Lady of Spain, Portrait of Gail Rutherford, 1972 now at the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, Connecticut.

Meets Anne Chisholm and Michael Davie, annual visitors who in Rennie Airth's absence stay in his house. Meets Patricia and Bernard Williams, similarly annual visitors who stay in her cousin Rennie Airth's house. Through George Freedman, meets Lynne Drysdale (Lynne Clark) who is visiting her friend the Australian painter Jeffrey Smart.

Ann Cornelisen buys a farmhouse on the Palazzone estate from Renzo and Lyndall Passerini.

May. While he is changing the gas tank for heating water, the tank catches fire. He Is treated for burns at the Cortona Hospital. La Lodalina suffers extensive damage. Lyndall Passerini moves him and Ronald Vance into the Palazzone and then to one of her houses on Elba while La Lodalina undergoes restoration. 

Deem: An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by George Deem, Indianapolis Museum of Art, December 8, 1974 - January 19, 1975; Allan Stone Gallery, New York, February 1 - 28, 1975; Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio, April 8 - May 14, 1975. Exhibition curator: Richard Warrum. Catalogue photographs by Ann Cornelisen with additional photographs by Robert Wallace.

May-June. Solo exhibition Sneed Gallery, Rockford, Illinois.

July. Drives to Avignon to see Jean Rigg and Jane Yockel. Attends rehearsals and the premier performance of the Philip Glass and Robert Wilson Opera Einstein on the Beach. Attends Merce Cunningham Dance Company performance at the Palais des Papes. Sees Meg Harper. Meets Etel Adnan and Simone Fattal. Joins Jane Yockel in Florence for Mabou Mines Company performances of Samuel Becket's The Lost Ones. Meets Mabou Mines company members David Warrilow, JoAnne Akalaitis, Linda Wolfe and Bill Raymond.

Cortona. Meets Jane Kramer and Vincent Crapanzano.

December. Visits New York City; Donald Morris Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan; Toronto; Pat Sneed at Sneed Gallery in Rockford, Illinois; Richard Gray atRichard Gray Gallery, Chicago; Udo Kultermann and collector Robert Orchard in St. Louis, Missouri; Fred Merida, Merida Gallery, in Louisville, Kentucky; Richard Warrum, Indianapolis Museum of Art; John Streetman at Evansville Museum of Art; collector William Gumberts, in Evansville, Indiana; and family in Vincennes, Indiana.

January 1. 10:00 - 11:00 AM and Noon to 1:00 PM, Reads in third annual marathon reading of Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans, noon Friday, December 31, 1976 through mid-afternoon January 2, 1977 at the Paula Cooper Gallery, New York City.
Readers: Ed Burns, John Cage, Lucinda Childs, Paula Cooper, George Deem, Sari Dienes, Dale Harris, Mimi Johnson, Jackson Mac Low, Meredith Monk, Ochiishi Augustmoon, Jean Rigg, Sara Rudner, Carolee Schneeman, Valda Setterfield, David Vaughan, Robert Wilson, et al.

January. Returns to Cortona.

October. Sells the 1962 Volkswagen Beetle convertible to Jane Kramer for $10. Returns to New York. Rents Benny Andrews's loft with studio at Westbeth Artists Housing by the Hudson River in Greenwich Village.

December 1977. Resident Fellow, The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire.

December 1977. Shows work in Group exhibition at the Sneed Gallery, Rockford, Illinois

January. Resident Fellow, The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire.

January 25. Dinner with Dottie and David Attie, their house, New York.

June 10. Gives lecture at the Speed Museum, Louisville, Kentucky.

July 4. Sits for group portrait with four figures by Lee Guilliatt. The four figures: George Deem, David Vaughan, Essie Borden, Ronald Vance.

July 19. His paintings George Washington Vermeer, 1974, and Vermeer Interior, 1976, are shown in the exhibition, "Art About Art" at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

"Bruna Sevini," painting/text collaboration with Ronald Vance, is published in Sun & Moon, Fall 1978.

November. Udo Kultermann's article, "Vermeer and Contemporary American Painting," is published in the November issue of American Art Review.

March. Rents the fifth floor loft space at 10 West 18th Street, New York. Moves from Westbeth.

June 23 -30. Artist in Residence at the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science, Evansville, Indiana in conjunction with the solo exhibition The Making of a Masterpiece: Paintings by George Deem. Gives a public lecture on his work, 7 PM June 23, 1979, at the Evansville Museum. Teaches daily classes in painting at the museum during that week.

July. Resident Fellow, The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Publishes "AANABABCAC," poem, in the Fall 1979 issue of Sun & Moon.

Artistic adviser to the choreographer Annabelle Gamson and to the choreographer Meg Harper.

January 30 - February 2. 68th Annual Conference, College Arts Association, New Orleans. Symposium: How the Chosen Get Chosen, or The Nuts and Bolts of Success. Discussion about the ways and means of survival for the working artist and the elements that can contribute to recognition and success. Chair: Benny Andrews, Professor, Queens College, Queens, New York. Panelists: George Deem, painter, New York City; Alexa Kleinbard, artist, Havana, Florida; Dick Lerner, Lerner-Heller Gallery, New York City; Jim Melchart, Visual Arts Program, National Endowment for the Arts; Lowery Simms, curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Mrs. David Stein, collector, Nashville, Tennessee.

"Mona Lisa Washington," drawing and poem, Zone Magazine, New York, Spring 1980.

October-November. Metrònom Mail Art Exhibition, Barcelona

October. Visiting Artist, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois.

October 20. Gives lecture, Painting the Known Image, to students and faculty in the Department of Art at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. Critiques student work.

March. Designs scenery and costumes for T. S. Eliot: Midwinter Vigil(ante) by Al Carmines. Presented by the Judson Poets' Theater at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, New York. "Revue: Al Carmines Sends T. S. Eliot to Wonderland" by John S. Wilson, New York Times, March 26, 1981.

Publishes "Dinner for Eight,: text/intertext collaboration with Ronald Vance, Zone Magazine, New York, Spring/Summer 1981.

Publishes "Words by Ronald Vance," poem/painting collaboration with Ronald Vance, Zone Magazine, New York, Spring/Summer 1981.

Publishes "Extra Genre," notes from an Italian diary, WhiteWalls A Magazine of Writings by Artists, Chicago, Summer 1981.

July. Gives lecture, Painting the Known Image. July Program, Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont.

September 23. Lecture, Painting the Known Image, The Studio School and Gallery, Johnson City, New York.

October. L.H.F.S. Love/Hate/Fear/Suicide Mail Art Exhibition, Brussels.

November 20. Faculty Alumni Citation Award, Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana. "Faculty Citation Awards are given each year to alumni who have distinguished themselves in their professional and personal lives."

December 23. Benefit Performance for Re.Cher.Chez Studio for the Avant Garde Performing Arts, at Washington Square United Methodist Church, New York. Re.Cher.Chez artistic directors: Lee Breuer and Ruth Maleczech. Invitation and program designed by George Deem,

Becomes Secretary of the Executive Committee, MacDowell Colony Fellows, 1982-84

Publishes "A Painting for Babies," text with reproduction of painting, Benzene, New York, Winter 1982.

February 1 - April 30, 1982. Group Exhibition, Twentieth-Century Images of George Washington, Fraunces Tavern Museum, New York.

February 12, 13. Against Interpretation, a dance concert conceived and performed by Mary O'Connell. Vocal: George Deem. At P.S. 122, New York.

February 25. Reading. Words and Images, The Center for Book Arts, New York.

July 23. To Open, DA DA DA, and Tearjerker. Choreography by George Deem. To Open and DA DA DA performed by George Deem and Ellen Robbins. Tearjerker performed by George Deem. Martha Hill Dance Workshop, Faculty Dance Concert (Guest Choreographer, George Deem) Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont, July 23, 1982.

Publishes "Painting," illustrated, Benzene, New York, Spring 1982.

August. Designs LP album cover for the LP record "Fourteen Karat Soul/Ben Halley Jr/Sister Suzie Cinema/The Gospel at Colonus" by Lee Breuer and Robert Otis Telson. Produced, recorded, and arranged by Robert Otis Telson at Serious Sound. © 1982 Boodle Music BMI. © 1982 Burning Records 1002. "Doo-Wop to Gospel" by James Leverett, TheatreCommunications, November 1983.

October 4-29. Temporary Visiting Lecturer and Artist in Residence, Department of Art, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois. Gives lecture Painting the Known Image, October 11th. Conducts weekly two-hour seminar class of graduate and undergraduate students. Fifteen hours weekly contact with students and faculty by appointment.

November 6 - December 18. Design for Gretry's L'Amant Jaloux (1776), SoHo Baroque Opera, designs commissioned by New York State Council on the Arts: Maureen Connor, George Deem, Rosemary Mayer, et al. Performances during exhibition. Buecker & Harpsichords, New York.

January through March, Wednesday and Friday. Winter term, education program: Dance Class for children, taught by Ellen Robbins, choreographer George Deem, performed by Ellen Robbins and George Deem. Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn Harbor, New York.

July 28, 29. National Geographics, That Ravel, Moonlight Cocktails, Choreography George Deem, Performers Ellen Robbins and George Deem, City Theatre Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

May 8 - 12. Tearjerker, Choreography George Deem, performed by Sonja Sekely, Queens College Theatre, Queens, New York,

November 16. Donation of George Washington in White Face, 1974, to Silent Auction Benefit for Independent Curators Incorporated, New York. The painting was purchased in the silent auction by Chase Manhattan Bank, 410 Park Avenue, New York NY 10022. Work was donated by 288 artists, including Arman, John Chamberlain, Agnes Dienes, Eric Fischl, Alex Katz, Robert Kushner, Sol LeWitt, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Motherwell, Claes Oldenburg, Paul Thek, Robert Wilson, and Jack Youngerman.

January 29. Meeting in New York with Jessica Fogel to discuss University of Michigan commission of scenic projections for The Vermeer Variations.
February 17 - 19. To Ann Arbor for rehearsals of The Vermeer Variations, a large-scale group dance choreographed by Jessica Fogel and with music, The Vermeer Variations, by David Borden and slide projections by George Deem.
March 20-23. In Ann Arbor, for final rehearsals and premiere performances of The Vermeer Variations at Power Center, University of Michigan.

July. Works with Ellen Robbins in dance and choreography at Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont.

Donates photolithographic print Primary Vermeer to Benefit Auction for N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago. The print was purchased by Jim Adkins of Chicago.

November 7. Goes to Indianapolis for November 8 opening of solo exhibition, George Deem, at On View Downtown Gallery, November 10 - 28, 1986. Review: Marion Garmel, " 'Artist's artist' in witty exhibit," The Indianapolis News, Thursday, November 27, 1986 (illus. George Washington Vermeer, 1974). Interviewed by Carol Weiss.

February. Carol Weiss, "Familiar Images: 'Quotation Artist' Explains His Work," Arts Insight, Indianapolis, February 1987.
July. Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont, with Ellen Robbins for Bennington College July Program.

April 26-28. In Evansville, Indiana. Serves as sole juror for the Evansville Museum's annual "Realism Today" Exhibition, June 7 - July 19, 1987. Reviews 295 slide submissions from 161 artists in six Midwestern states. Accepts 51 works by 44 artists with eight purchase awards for the Bristol Myers U.S. Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Group Corporate Collection. On the evening of his jurying day, April 27, he presents a public lecture at the Museum on his work and how it relates to the exhibition's theme.

August 8. To Budapest to join Ellen Robbins there. August 16. With Ellen Robbins to Amsterdam, Delft and The Hague. ("Hitchhiking," WhiteWalls, No. 22, Incidents of Travel, Chicago, 1989).

January 14. Indianapolis, presents lecture at the Herron School of Art in conjunction with the Group Exhibition Welcome Back: Contemporary Artists from Indiana, Herron Gallery, Indianapolis Center for Contemporary Art, January 16 -February 27 (opening date: January 15).

March 7. Boston. Talks about his work at the opening of an exhibition of paintings by George Deem at the Christian Science Center of the "Mother" Church, First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston. Exhibition arranged by Lucy Aptekar, Aptekar Arts Management, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"Hitchhiking" is published in WhiteWalls, No. 22 (Spring 1989) Incidents of Travel, Chicago, 1989.

June - July. With Ellen Robbins at The American Dance Festival, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Spring. Collaborates on documentary video by Calvin Kimbrough filmed in his studio for showing as part of the traveling exhibition "The School of..." Paintings by George Deem. Art School published by Thames & Hudson, London with an introduction by John W. Streeetman III, Director of the Evansville Museum. Simultaneous publication of the book in the United States by Chronicle Books, San Francisco under the title Art School: An Homage to the Masters.

May 8. In Evansville, Indiana, for opening of the exhibition at the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science. Meets Christopher Young, Curator of The Purloined Image exhibition at the Flint Institute of Arts, March 28 - May 9, 1993.

May 10 gives slide-illustrated lecture on the schoolroom paintings at a book-signing evening at the Evansville Museum.

July 4 - 10. Goes to Prince Edward Island with Jean Rigg and Ronald Vance as house guests of Ambika Gail Rutherford and Erica Rutherford.

October 9 - 11. Bennington, Vermont.

December 4. In Mount Vernon, Illinois, for the opening of "The School of..." exhibition at the Mitchell Museum of Art. Gives afternoon gallery talk on the paintings for the public and the museum docents. Offers brief remarks at the opening that evening.

Hachette publishes a 1994 calendar for distribution to 15,000 school teachers in France, each month illustrated with a reproduction of a Schoolroom painting by George Deem.

March 8. In Lakeland, Florida, for the opening of "The School of..." exhibition at the Polk Museum of Art. March 9, he presents a gallery lecture on the schoolroom paintings.

April 13-14. Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania. 2-day Artist Residency. Offers slide lecture, "Art School: The Work of George Deem" at 8 PM, April 13; gives watercolor studio critiques of student work and one-on-one consultations with students on April 14.

May 28-29. In Indianapolis, Indiana, for the opening of "The School of..." exhibition at the Indiana State Museum and the concurrent exhibition of Studies for the "School of..." paintings at Eckert Fine Art Gallery.

June 4 - 21. Solo Exhibition, Capricorn Galleries, Bethesda, Maryland

August 19 - 21. In Wichita, Kansas, for the opening of "The School of..." exhibition at the Wichita Center for the Arts. Presents gallery walk-through lecture before opening reception Saturday evening, August 20.

December 19. To Sausalito, California, visits with Etel Adnan and Simone Fattal.

December 21. Departs San Francisco with Ronald Vance for Christmas and New Year's in Australia with George Freedman. Visits National Gallery in Canberra and the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. Christmas at Danesbank, George Freedman's house near Milton, south of Sydney. House guests of Christine and Stephen France in the Hunter Valley. Lunch with George Freedman and Ronald Vance at Gay Bilson's Berowra Waters restaurant. Dinner with Anne Chisholm, Gay Bilson, Lynne Drysdale Clarke, George Freedman, and Ronald Vance. Dinner with Anne Chisholm, Michael Davie, George Freedman, and Ronald Vance.

January 11. Returns from Australia to New York City.

January 23-27. In Ross, California, as first visiting visual artist-in-residence at the Branson School. Concurrent exhibition of his paintings in the Branson School Gallery. Monday: Lecture to art classes. Tuesday: Presentation to students at Assembly. Wednesday: Gallery reception with parents and alumni followed by slide lecture in School Theater. Thursday: Lecture to art classes. Friday: Accompanies art students on a tour of the new San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

September 18 - October 8.  Travels to Mantua, Verona, and Venice looking at Mantegna, Tintoretto, and a Tiepolo exhibition in Venice. Visits Urbino and Borgo San Sepolchro looking at Piero della Francesca. Two weeks in Cortona, sharing a house in Tuoro Sul Trasimeno with Anne Chisholm and Michael Davie and seeing mutual friends Lyndall Passerini, Rennie Airth, Jeffrey Smart, and Ermes De Zan.

October 23. Dinner at Dottie Attie's. Meets Mieke Bal.

1998. And I Quote ... Group Exhibition at Pavel Zoubok at Mary Delahoyd Gallery, New York, November 2 - December 19. Pavel Zoubok hangs George Deem's School of Stuart Davis beside two collages by John Evans, the first time Deem and Evans are exhibited together.

December 31. 3pm Reads with Ochiishi Augustmoon in the 25th annual marathon reading of Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans, noon December 31, 1999 through mid-afternoon January 2, 2000 at the Paula Cooper Gallery, New York City.

Publishes recipe for "Radicchio Sauce for Pasta Shells" in The Greenmarket Cookbook by Joel Patraker and Joan Schwartz, Viking Press, New York, 2000

January 15, 6 - 8pm Reception Nassau County Museum, Roslyn Harbor, New York. 

January 24, To Washington to view Arthur Wheelock's exhibition, "Vermeer, Art of Painting" at the National Gallery.

February 6.To Washington for lecture by Arthur Wheelock on the closing day of his "Vermeer, "Art of Painting" exhibition at the National Gallery.

July 9 - August 16. Visits Madrid and Seville with Ellen Robbins.

November 11. Lunch with Bernard and Patricia Williams and Ronald Vance at Peter Hoffman's Savoy Restaurant in Soho.

December 28. Studio viewing of "Easel Painting" series with Peter Angelo Simon and Mieke Bal and meeting about the upcoming Evansville Museum joint exhibition, followed by dinner with Peter Angelo Simon, Beverly Emmons, Mieke Bal, Ernst van Alphen, and Ronald Vance

February 15. Meeting with Nancy Foote at By Design office re: design of catalogue for Evansville Museum exhibition.

March 9. Color-proofing Evansville catalogue with Nancy Foote at By Design office..

March 15. Christiane Hertel studio visit.

April 6. Nurit Tilles piano concert at Faust Harrison Pianos, 205 West 58th Street. Dinner afterwards with Nurit, Ulla Dydo, Bill Rice, and Ronald Vance.

April 17 to June 3. Exhibition George Deem and Peter Angelo Simon: Paintings and Photographs in Conversation at the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science, Evansville, Indiana. Book with same title published by the Evansville Museum serves as the catalogue for the exhibition. Text by Mieke Bal: George Deem and Peter Angelo Simon: Timely Conversation. ISBN 0-9709872-0-X April 21. Museum artists' reception. April 22. Museum brunch. Gallery talk.

April 29. 3pm Metropolitan Museum with Pavel Zoubok and Marguerite Glass for Arthur Wheelock lecture. 5:30pm Studio visit and dinner with Noel and Krys Witts.

May 14. At Alvin Lucier's birthday party.

June 24. Dinner with George Freedman and Andrew Bryan, Sid and Nancy Freedman, and Ronald Vance.

June 28 to July 2. Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival with Ellen Robbins.

July 13 to 15. Visiting Judith Curr and Ken Kennedy at Hampton Bays with Ronald Vance.

July 21. Re-stretches paintings unframed for photography..

August 8. Dinner with Reagan and Roberta Upshaw, Buzz Spector, and Ronald Vance.

August 9. Visits with Christiane Hertel in Pennsylvania.

September 2 - 13. Woodstock, Canajoharie, and Sharon Springs, New York, with Ellen Robbins.

September 21 to November 4. Exhibition George Deem: Paintings at the Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada.

October 13. Lunch with John Evans.

October 18 to 23. Goes to San Diego as house guest of Edward (Pete) Tourtelotte, then to Las Vegas for the George Deem exhibition at the Las Vegas Art Museum.

October 25. Dinner with Robert and Carolyn Cumming, their daughter Phoebe, and Ronald Vance.

December 6. Seema Srivastava studio visit re. paper she is writing for Robert Rosenblum's graduate seminar, "Neo-Historicism in Late Twentieth-Century Art," at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

December 14. Nancy Hoffman Gallery Christmas party.

December 22. Arrives Sydney with Ronald Vance for Christmas holidays with George Freedman. Drinks that evening with Leo Schofield at Bronte House.

January 4. Returns to New York from Australia.

February. Maria Kodama comes to his studio to look at paintings and to meet George Deem. Maria Kodama is the widow of Jorge Luis Borges. She requests the introduction because looking at reproductions she sees the affinity between George Deem's paintings and Borges' writing. George Deem begins reading Borges, sees the reason for Kodama's visit.

March 21 - April 20. George Deem: Vermeer Extended exhibition of new paintings at Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York. Participates in a gallery talk on his paintings with Christiane Hertel and Walter Liedtke at a private viewing on April 4.

April 11. Lecture "George Deem: Vermeer Extended," Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

January 10 - March 16. George Deem: Paintings of Vermeer Interiors at Yale University Jonathan Edwards College Master's House, New Haven, Connecticut. Exhibition Curator: Gary L. Haller, Master of the College. Walter Liedtke, Curator of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum 0f Art presents a Master's Tea entitled "Responding to Vermeer" at the opening reception. At dinner in the college that evening George Deem meets J. Michael Montias and Douglas Hyland, Director of New Britain Museum of American Art, and Linda Cheverton.

October 8 - 29. Visits Paris (Richard Miller, Etel Adnan), Strassburg, Munich (Mike and Joy Ottensmeyer), Trieste (Bruna Sevini) Arezzo (Jeffrey Smart, Ermes De Zan), Cortona, London (Anne Chisholm and Michael Davie in Ewelme, Robert and Carolyn Cumming in Maids Moreton, Rennie Airth, Caroline Moorehead). October 25. Attends Memorial Service for Bernard Williams in King's College Chapel, Cambridge.

December 22. Visits Terborch exhibition at National Gallery, Washington.

February 13. Attends opening reception of "New/Now:George Deem" Exhibition, February 9 - April 17, 2005, at the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, Connecticut. Gives gallery talk on his work. Dinner that evening hosted by Linda Cheverton and Walter Wick in their downtown Hartford studio.

February 14. Studio visit by Robert and Carolyn Cumming and their daughter Phoebe, followed by dinner with them and Ronald Vance.

February 23. Goes with Simone Fattal to Tibet Exhibition opening at the Rubin Museum. Dinner with Simone afterwards.

March 4. Attends tap dance concert in Peggy Spina's loft on Prince Street.

March 10. To Barnes & Noble for Keith McDermott book signing of his new novel, "Acqua Calda."

March 11. Attends David Gordon Dance Concert at St. Mark's Danspace, Second Avenue and 10th Street.

March 14 to 19. Works on layout and text of revised 2005 edition of Art School with Thames and Hudson, London.

March 24. Takes Ellen Robbins to dinner on her birthday.

March 29. Rubens Drawings at the Metropolitan Museum.

April 8. In consultation with Jay Kramer, accepts plates proposed by Thames and Hudson for revised 2005 edition of Art School.

April 12. Reviews slides for upcoming lecture at Syracuse University.

April 20. Gives lecture and graduate seminar, Department of Fine Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.

April 21. At opening of collage exhibition at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.

April 30. Hangs Lee Guilliatt's exhibition in her loft.

May 6. Attends opening of Lee Guilliatt's loft exhibition.

May 11. Lunch with Lee Guilliatt. Then picks up Guilliatt watercolor purchased at her opening.

May 12. At Tatistcheff Gallery for opening of Nancy Drosd exhibition.

May 13, 14, 15. Dances by Very Young Choreographers, Ellen Robbins, Teacher, concerts at DTW Dance Theatre Workshop.

May 30. Dinner with his nephew Bill Schulze, Bill's wife Noel, and Ellen Robbins.

June 1. Lunch with David and Barbara Thomas, Australian friends of George Freedman.

June 3. Lunch with Josef Levi.

June 11. Dinner with Pavel Zoubok, Paul Baglio, and Ronald Vance

June 15. Rubin Museum opening reception.

June 17. Attends New York City Ballet with Reagan and Roberta Upshaw and Ronald Vance.

June 30. Attends Addie Herder exhibition opening at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.

July 6. Visits Farmers Market at Union Square with Gay Bilson. Lunch with Ulla Dydo and Nurit Tilles.

July 7. Dinner with Gay Bilson and Ronald Vance at Peter Hoffman's Savoy Restaurant.

July 11. Dinner at Ulla Dydo's with Gay Bilson, Nurit Tilles, and Ronald Vance.

August 18. Breakfast with Lee Guilliatt. Dinner with Ellen Robbins followed by attendance at Mark Morris Dance Company performance.

August 30. Lunch with John Evans.

September 3 to 13. With Ellen Robbins, visits Washington and The Homestead Spa, Hot Springs, Virginia.

September 16. Attends Ken Kewley exhibition opening at Lori Bookstein Gallery, and the opening of  the Sophie Matisse drawing exhibition at Paul Kasmin Gallery.

September 17. David Miretsky at OK Harris Gallery.

September 18. Attends Bessie Awards at DTW Dance Theatre Workshop with Ellen Robbins.

September 20. Attends Mabou Mines "Red Beads" performance at NYU.

September 24. Brunch with Ulla Dydo, Nurit Tilles, and Ronald Vance.

September 26. Publication Date. Art School, 2005 (Revised edition), Thames & Hudson, London.

January 25. New frames delivery.

January 27. Attends Deborah Hay dance concert at Danspace, St. Mark's Church

January 29. Attends performance of Stephen Sondheim's  "Sweeney Todd" with Reagan and Roberta Upshaw, and Ronald Vance.

January 31. Visits Antonello da Messina exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum.

February 22. Attends Mauritshuis exhibition reception at Otto Naumann gallery.

February 24. Pick up of "Hudson River School," 1995, for shipment to Eckert Fine Art Gallery in Indianapolis, and pick up of "School of Stuart Davis," 1987, cut paper chrome paper collage study for the painting,"School of Stuart Davis," for shipment to Leon and Ann Robison in St. Louis.

February 24. Attends tap dance concert in Peggy Spina's loft on Prince Street.

March 3.  Attends duo piano concert by Double Edge, duo piano team of Nurit Tilles and Edmond Niemann, at Faust Harrison Pianos.

March 10. Attends Pulse Art Fair at Lexington Avenue Armory with Lee Guilliatt and Ronald Vance. Has work exhibited in Pavel Zoubok Gallery Booth, March 10, 11, 12.

March 26. With Ronald Vance, attends Memorial Service for Bill Rice at LaMama Annex, 66 East 4th Street.

April 4. Visit from Ed Ottensmeyer

April 5. Attends Kathleen Gilje exhibition at Francis Naumann Gallery.

April 7. Dinner with Pavel Zoubok and Paul Baglio, and Ronald Vance.

April 11. Walter and Nancy Liedtke make studio visit.

April 20. Attends Pavel Zoubok Gallery reception at William Wilson's house on West 25th Street.

April 23. With Ronald Vance, attends David Borden concert at Roulette on Green Street.

April 28. With Ronald Vance, has dinner with Etel Adnan and Simone Fattal at their apartment on West 90th Street.

April 29. Hangs Lee Guilliatt's exhibition in her loft on Crosby Street.

May 4. Ken Aptekar studio visit.

May 5. Attends opening of Lee Guilliatt's studio exhibition.

May 19 - 21.Attends all of Ellen Robbins's "Dances by Very Young Choreographers" concerts at DTW Dance Theatre Workshop.

May 24. With Ellen Robbins, attends New York Philharmonic Elliott Carter performance.

May 30. Supervises photography of paintings in studio by Edward Peterson, Jr.

May 31. Frame maker Simon Liu delivers new frames.

June 1. Attends Benny Andrews exhibition at ACA Gallery and opening of Summer Show at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.

June 7. Gets together with Mary O'Connell.

June 8. Has birthday breakfast with Lee Guilliatt.

June 9. Pavel Zoubok studio visit. "The School of Mantegna," 1985, is sold in an auction of the Phil Desind Collection.

June 12.  Attends DTW Dance Theatre Workshop gala.

June 28. Attends Peter Angelo Simon photography exhibition at Reade-Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center.

July 3. Dinner with Ulla Dydo, Nurit Tilles, and Ronald Vance.

July 17. Gets together with Ed Ottensmeyer and Anne Donnellon.

August 14. Has dinner meeting with Ulla Dydo and Ronald Vance to discuss his new book "Hey Nurse, I'm Worse," The book, with an introduction by Ulla Dydo, was published posthumously by Post-Apollo Press in 2009, under the title "Let George Do It."

August 18. On his birthday, has breakfast with Lee Guilliatt and Betty Teslenko . With Ellen Robbins, attends Mark Morris Dance concert at Lincoln Center.

August 22. Linda Cheverton studio visit.

August 30. Pavel Zoubok studio visit.

August 31. Supervises photography of paintings in studio by Edward Peterson, Jr.

September 17. Attends piano concert by Nurit Tilles, from 5:50 to 7:30, in her studio at 611 Broadway.

September 18. Has dinner meeting with Ulla Dydo to discuss "Hey Nurse, I'm Worse."

September 24. Attends piano concert by Nurit Tilles, from 5:50 to 7:30, in her studio at 611 Broadway.

September 26. Has lunch with Jean Rigg, Mary Ellen Andrews, and Ronald Vance.

October 5. Attends Vincent Arcilesi exhibition opening at Broome Street Gallery.

October 9. Gets together with Nan McTeer, one-time wife of army buddy and Chicago friend, Lynwood McTeer.

October 10. Meets with staff at Pavel Zoubok Gallery about catalogue for upcoming exhibition.

October 12. Attends opening of George Deem exhibition (to November 11) at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.The catalogue essay George Deem: The Theater of Seeing is by Peter Frank.

October 21. Attends Steve Reich concert at Carnegie Hall, with Nurit Tilles at the piano.

October 25. Has dinner with Ellen Robbins and Nancy Stevens.

October 28.  Attends Morton Feldman concert at Merkin Concert Hall.

November 2. Has dinner with George Freedman and Peter O'Brien and Ronald Vance.

November 5. Visits Linda Cheverton and Walter Wick in Hartford, with Pavel Zoubok and Paul Baglio and Ronald Vance. Goes through the Walter Wick exhibition at the New Britain Museum of American Art with Walter.

November 10. Benny Andrews dies.

November 13. Has dinner with George Freedman, Peter O'Brien, and Ronald Vance.

November 14. Has lunch with Garland Marshall. With Ellen Robbins, attends evening Jose Limon dance concert at the Joyce Theatre.

November 15. Has dinner with George Freedman, Peter O'Brien, and Ronald Vance

November 19. Attends Twyla Tharp dance concert.

November 23. Has Thanksgiving dinner as guest at Lee Guilliatt's and Essie Borden's loft on Crosby Street.

December 6. Is dinner guest with Anne Chisholm and Ronald Vance at Jane Kramer's and Vincent Crapanzano's apartment on Central Park West.

December 8. Has lunch with Anne Chisholm at the Neue Galerie's Cafe Sabarsky.

December 9. Attends piano concert by Nurit Tilles, from 5:50 to 7:30, in her studio at 611 Broadway.

December 15. Allan Stone dies.

December 22. Hosts dinner at home for Lee Guilliatt, Essie Borden, and Ronald Vance.

January 5. Attends opening of John Evans exhibition at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.

January 11. Attends opening of Buzz Spector exhibition at Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning Center on West 17th Street.

January 13. Attends Benny Andrews Memorial Service in the Great Hall at Cooper Union.

January 14. Gets together in his studio with Christopher Andrews.

January 20. Attends performance of Robert Ashley's "Concrete" at La Mama.

February 5. Attends Allan Stone Memorial Service at the Morgan Library.

February 8. With Simone Fattal, attends opening of an exhibition at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.

February 15. Attends performance Jim Neu's "La Vie Noir" at La Mama.

February 21. Lunch with Patricia Williams and Ronald Vance. Dinner with Ellen Robbins.

February 23. Nicora Gangi makes studio visit.

March 3. Studio visit by Christiane Hertel and her daughter Caroline.

March 4. Dinner with Ulla Dydo, Nurit Tilles, and Ronald Vance.

March 7. Attends opening of Harold Gregor painting show at Katharina Rich Perlow Gallery.

March 13. Visits with Bill Wilson at his house on West 25th Street.

March 16. Meets with Ulla Dydo for discussion of "Hey Nurse, I'm Worse."

March 17. Views Christopher Tanner show at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.

March 19. Attends Young Concert Artists composer's concert at Carnegie Hall.

March 28. Studio visit by Anne Hollander, Tom Nagel, and Barry Stroud.

April 1. Attends the Propeller Company production of "The Taming of the Shrew" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

April 18. Attends concert in Rose Theatre at Lincoln Center.

April 20. Framemaker Simon Liu delivers new frames.

April 21. Views Jiri Kolar - Joseph Cornell  show at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.

April 24. Dyes costumes with Ellen Robbins.

May 4. Attends Ira Siff's Madame Vera Annual Comeback Recital at Symphony Space, with Lee Guilliatt, Essie Borden, and Ronald Vance.

May 17. Pavel Zoubok studio visit.

May 19. Meets at 4:30 with Ulla Dydo about "Hey Nurse, I'm Worse." Has dinner afterwards with Ulla Dydo, Nurit Tilles, Simone Fattal, and Ronald Vance.

May 23. Pavel Zoubok studio visit at 9am. attends evening performance of New York City Ballet.

May 24. Visits opening of Nancy Hagan show at Fischbach Gallery.

June 7. Has birthday breakfast with Lee Guilliatt. Evening at DTW Dance Theatre Workshop for Ellen Robbins Dances by Very Young Choreographers.

June 8. Working all day with Ellen Robbins at DTW for afternoon performance of his two dances, "Extra Genre," and "Tear Jerker."

June 9. All day with Ellen Robbins at DTW.

June 12. Dinner with Jane Kramer, Ulla Dydo, Nurit Tilles, and Ronald Vance.

June 18. Views Merce Cunningham exhibition "Inventions," curated by David Vaughan, at the New York Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.

June 19. Attends piano concert of John Cage works by Nurit Tilles in the "Inventions" exhibition space at the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center.

June 22. Visits Metropolitan Museum with Nicora Gangi.

June 27. Wayne Radziminski studio visit.

July 7 - 8. Visits Ed Ottensmeyer and Anne Donnellon in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Other house guests are Mike and Joy Ottensmeyer.

July 13.  Lunch with Pavel Zoubok.

July 20. Jeffrey Smart and Ermes De Zan studio visit.

July 25. At Russell Connor's party on West 57th Street.

July 31. At Nurit Tilles concert of John Cage music for prepared piano in "Inventions" exhibition at Lincoln Center.

August 17. Pavel Zoubok hosts joint birthday party for George Deem and John Evans. Guests: Paul Baglio, Margaret Evans, Ronald Vance.

September 10. Frame maker Simon Liu delivers new frames.

September 15. Dinner with Andy Bryan and Ronald Vance.

September 17.  Attends Bessie Awards with Ellen Robbins.

September 19. Attends "The Age of Rembrandt" exhibition private viewing and reception at the Metropolitan Museum.

September 21. Gets together with Lee Guilliatt. Pavel Zoubok picks up drawing for donation to the Wadsworth Atheneum benefit auction

September 26. Views Boston Athenaeum Collection exhibition at the Grolier Club.

September 27. Meets with attorney Judith Turkel about new will.  Attends performance of "Pygmalion" with Reagan and Roberta Upshaw.

September 28. Has lunch with Jim Zver.

October 2. Attends afternoon concert performance by Nurit Tilles of John Cage's "Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano" at Lincoln Center.

October 8. Utrecht Art Supplies delivers canvas order.

October 9. Dinner with Reagan and Roberta Upshaw and Ronald Vance.

October 14. Wayne Franits studio visit.

October 17. Views Joan Reutershan painting show at Presbyterian Church Hall on Fifth Avenue at 11th Street with Lee Guilliatt and Ronald Vance.

October 26. Visits Nassau County Museum with Ellen Robbins and Bruna Sevini and Ronald Vance to view "Velazquez and Las Meninas: Manolo Valdes / John Clem Clarke / George Deem." Goes through the show with Franklin Hill Perrell, the exhibition curator.

November 27. Takes train to Greenwich, Connecticut, with Ronald Vance for dinner with Gail Rutherford and her daughter Susana Torlone.

December 1. Views Ron Weis show at O K Harris Gallery.

December 6. Attends "Philip Glass: Einstein in Concert" at Carnegie Hall.

December 11. Attends Elliott Carter's opera, "What Next?"

December 12. Attends Molissa Fenley performance at the Joyce Theater with Ronald Vance.

December 14. Has meeting with Claudia Stone.

December 18. Attends performance of  Al Carmine's "Christmas Rappings" at Judson Memorial Church.

December 21. Lunch with Mimi Johnson, Nancy Foote, and Ronald Vance. Attends evening performance of David Gordon's "Uncivil Wars: Collaborating with Brecht and Eisler"  at The Kitchen.

December 24. Lunch with Lee Guilliatt, Essie Borden, and Ronald Vance.

January 4. Pavel Zoubok studio visit. Noon.

January 13. With Ronald Vance, joins Jean Rigg and Benedicte Pesle at the Guggenheim Museum for ride together to Beacon, New York.  Picnic lunch on the grounds of Dia Beacon. Afternoon performance by Merce Cunningham Dance Company in Dia Beacon gallery spaces. They drive back to New York for dinner in "Coffeed - New Leaf Restaurant" in Fort Tryon Park.

January 19. Ellen Robbins: Young Choreographers at 2 and 5pm.

January 27. Emerson Quartet at Rose Hall at 5pm.

January 31. Meeting with Claudia Stone at 11am.

February 5. Visits the Morgan Library. Evening with Nurit Tilles and Ulla Dydo.

February 6. Evening performance of Lefty Frizzell at Merkin Concert Hall.  

February 8. 9:30am. Pavel Zoubok here about Robert Wilson drawings. 7-10pm goes to The Wooster Group's "Hamlet."

February 10. "If You Couldn't See Me" Trisha Brown, The Joyce Theater

February 15. Walter Liedtke studio visit.

February 19. Visits Metropolitan Museum.

February 20. Guest with Walter Liedtke at Studio School dinner, 8 West 8th Street. 

February 24. Visits Morris Museum, Morris, New Jersey, 1-4pm, for the opening of two exhibitions: "Ridiculous Portrait: The Art of May Wilson," and "Avenue B School of Art: The Collages of John Evans."

March 5. 3pm Charles and Carol Molesworth studio visit.

March 9. Attends matinee performance of the New York City Opera's "King Arthur," with the Mark Morris Dance Group, at the New York State Opera.

March 19. Molesworth studio visit at 3pm.

March 28. Meeting with Linda Cheverton, 10:30am

March 30. Visits Metropolitan Museum.

April 6. Steven Petronio at the Joyce Theater.

April 10. Christopher Andrews rug exhibition, White Street in Tribeca. Dinner afterwards at Walker's Restaurant with Ulla Dydo and Ronald Vance.

April 12. Ellen Robbins at 5pm  at DTW.

April 13. 10 am.  Attends lecture at Metropolitan Museum.

April 27. At Lee Guilliatt's hanging her 2008 painting loft show.

May 2. Opening her 2008 loft exhibition.

May 3. 10:30 Christiane Hertel studio visit with Caroline.

May 6. His cousin Ed Ottensmeyer, Father Hilary's brother, dies in Vincennes.

May 16, 17, 18. Ellen Robbins Young Choreographers concerts at DTW Walkaround Vermeer on Friday May 16.

May 21. Claudia Stone studio visit at 3pm.

June 2.  DTW Gala at 5:30 pm with Ellen Robbins.

June 14. Studio photography of apinings by Ed Peterson, Jr.

June 19. Francis Naumann studio visit.

July 6. Visits Lee Guilliatt at her Crosby Street loft.

July 20. Begins Home Hospice Care.

August 1. 3:30. Visit from Lee Guilliatt.

August 11. 8:30 pm. George Deem dies at home.