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How To Be Dyslexic

Date: 1996

 How To Be Dyslexic


Dyslexics dislike the word dyslexia.

Twins, the left-handed, and dyslexics should not be re-arranged.

Dyslexia doesn't appear and disappear like headaches or stiff joints. Dyslexia doesn't heal like bruises and scratches. Dyslexia is there all the time, like poor eyesight or hearing problems. Yet dyslexia is not a problem but a part of the structure of who you are.

Those who are dyslexic do not readily admit it because it is easily denied. One being dyslexic cannot remember this condition and cannot easily remember the word "dyslexic." Red and green are a constant mix-up because of their being two contrasting colors. Red is entirely different from green so this equals one thing in dyslexic minds: different. So red is as different as green just as green is as different as red. So it doesn't matter which word is said, the difference is implied.

2 follows 1 and it takes some kind of consciousness to make 1 follow 2. This kind of consciousness is always an effort to arrive at in the dyslexic mind. The simple arrangement of numbers such as those used in zip codes are always foreign and there is no way of making five random numbers remembered. 52044 is an example of random numbers. 44 is remembered, but where it is placed is not. 52 cannot be remembered in this kind of dyslexic mind because there is no reason for 5 and 2 being together, 2 and 5 are just as good. So the 5 and 2 must be put into a category made up by this person's mind. 5 and 2 equal 7 is no help. 2 from 5 equals 3 is more confusing because the numbers are reversed. Who is 52? Dad died at 52 is a help. So we have 52 and 44 that we know we know. There is another number between 52 and 44, but I can't remember it, yet I know I have 5 numbers to remember.  I don't know why I didn't remember that middle number when I first saw the five numbers. I've got 52 44 so far.

Most people are able to hear and understand far more than they realize. Dyslexics only hear and understand what they realize.
Notebook,  1998 to c.2001